About Us

syn-di-cate /’ sindikit/ : n. group of persons combined to achieve and promote a common interest.

Syndicate Energy Services, LLC is a flow back and production testing company based out of Watford City, North Dakota. We provide our clients with a team of highly experienced field supervisors, most extending ten years in the oil and gas industry, and crew assistants that have been primarily trained in the Bakken and Three Forks formations of western North Dakota and Montana.  Most of our highly qualified supervisors have experience working with high pressure, deep hole and sour wells. We are proficient in working closely with service rigs, snubbing stacks, coil tubing and frac crews. Our equipment is second to none as it is designed by a syndicate with 40+ years of experience working at the field level in the oil and gas industry. Safety and safety training are the forefront of our priorities. We maintain our high standard of safety training protocol persistently at the field and operations level. Syndicate Energy Services, LLC currently retains an “A” letter grade with ISNETWorld as per all of our existing client’s requirements.