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Syndicate Energy Services, LLC is an oilfield service company and industry leader in the Bakken oilfield based in Watford City, North Dakota.

We Are Hiring

We currently have employment opportunities available for qualified flowback and well testing supervisors and night operators with minimum two years supervisory experience preferred. Please email your resume to apply@syndicateenergy.net

We provide our clients with a team of highly experienced field supervisors, most of our site leadership teams exceed ten years in the oil & gas industry. Our crews have been trained in a wide range of regions throughout the North American basins.

The majority of our highly qualified supervisors have experience working with high pressure, deep hole, and sour wells. We are proficient in working closely with service rigs, snubbing stacks, coil tubing, and frac crews. Our equipment is designed and fabricated to a high standard that meets or exceeds industry standards, the equipment has been designed by a team with decades of field experience in the oil & gas industry. Safety and safety training are paramount to our priorities. We maintain our high standard of safety training protocols persistently at the field and operations level. Syndicate Energy Services, LLC maintains ISNETWorld & PEC sites as per all of our existing client’s requirements.


syn-di-cate /’ sindikit/ : n. group of persons combined to achieve and promote a common interest.

Our Divisions

Flowback & Rentals

  • 10K NACE Desanding units.
  • 500psi 104BBL horizontal 4 phase separation units.
  • 60ft x 6” main tube free standing flare stacks
  • Various debris & choke manifolds.
  • Engineered soft line restraint system.
  • 50BBL Environmental containment systems.
  • Independent interlock devices. (automated level and pressure shutdowns)

Flow Watch

  • Start up & long-term crew for permanent facility.
  • 24 hour crew’s multiple manpower options.
  • On-site workers performs accurate data collection.
  • Crews perform minor repairs and fine tune controller & equipment.
  • On-site reps handle fluid logistics.
  • SES rep supervises repairs to on-site facilities performed by specialized contractor.

Air Support

  • Air trailers equipped with 48-54 man hours of breathable air.
  • Heated trailers, with work benches.
  • Unit transported to location ready to operate.
  • Mobile air bottle refill trailer available.
  • In house 4500psig air tank recharging station able to refill 3rd party air tanks.
  • Qualified on-site 24hr air support crews, safety support, rig up rig down.
  • H2S sampling.

Air Monitoring

  • Wireless sensors. 
  • 16 wireless sensors report to one base unit. 
  • Easy install, low power requirements.


  • Large flat deck trailers.  
  • Heated enclosed trailers. 
  • DOT approved / fully insured. 

Rig Heaters

  • (x20) trailer heating units. 
  • Diesel powered. 
  • Flameless heat, positive air shut off. 
  • 550,000 & 950,000 BTU heating capacity.  

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Our oilfield equipment inventory is unmatched.

Equipment yards stocked with top-of-the-line equipment necessary for all elements of well testing and flowback services.


Highest Safety Rating

Company-wide commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for employees, equipment, and the environment.


Our Team

Highly skilled operators who deliver, setup, and operate equipment efficiently to minimize downtime on site. Areas of expertise include flowback, flow watch, air support, air monitoring, and more.



We are honest, fair, and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with customers and fellow employees.


Health, Safety and Environmental

Company-wide commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for employees, equipment, and the environment.

About us

Syndicate Energy Services, LLC is a flowback and production testing company based out of Watford City, North Dakota.

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