Flow Watch Division

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Flow Watch Division

SES Flow-Watch services performs various onsite maintenance, production, data gathering and equipment tuning, while maintaining a high level of health, safety, & environmental standards.

SES Operators are responsible to perform routine maintenance and controller tuning during various flow conditions, including but not limited to, H2S monitoring in bubble towers, treater watch, flaring  operations, gas lift and injection system monitoring, on site fluid logistics, data gathering, data reporting, LAC control and reporting, & coil intervention operations.

Our operators come supplied with the necessary tool to perform maintenance and minor repairs to on-site equipment, SES supplies on-site office that contains safety equipment & fluid analysis gear, office trailers also come with a computer with data recording software. SES also supplies on-site or in-field living accommodations for multiple operators​.

  • Start-up & long-term crew for permanent facility.
  • 24 hour crew’s multiple manpower options.
  • On-site worker performs accurate data collection.
  • Crews perform minor repairs and fine tune controller &  equipment.
  • On-site reps handle fluid logistics.
  • SES rep supervises repairs to on-site facilities performed by specialized contractor.

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Our oilfield equipment inventory is unmatched.

Equipment yards stocked with top-of-the-line equipment necessary for all elements of well testing and flowback services.


Highest Safety Rating

Company-wide commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for employees, equipment, and the environment.


Our Team

Highly skilled operators who deliver, setup, and operate equipment efficiently to minimize downtime on site. Areas of expertise include flowback, flow watch, air support, air monitoring, and more.



We are honest, fair, and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with customers and fellow employees.


Health, Safety and Environmental

Company-wide commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for employees, equipment, and the environment.

About us

Syndicate Energy Services, LLC is a flowback and production testing company based out of Watford City, North Dakota.

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