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Flowback & Rentals

Syndicate Energy was founded with the flowback division in 2013. Our on-site supervisors have decades of experience from many different Basins across North America and Australia. We take great pride in our in-house Safety and Training programs that ensure our employees have the training and knowledge required to get the job done safely and accurately.

Production Well Testing / Post Mill-Out Flowback

We tailor our Flowback packages to whatever the client needs. 200-1000psi four phase separators that can handle the harshest of well conditions. Vessels are equipped with 2” or 3” 1502, 10,000psi NACE certified, sour service, flowback iron, debris filters and manifolds. We are vigilant about accurate data and reporting, with orifice plate gas metering and turbine fluid meters. We have outfitted our vessels with high level/high pressure shutdowns which are rigged into remote pneumatic ESD’s installed directly off the wellhead.

Coil Tubing & Workover Rig Support

Whether milling plugs with a Coil Tubing Unit or Workover Rig, Syndicate Energy provides all necessary equipment to circulate fluid and capture plug debris in large dual barrel 4” debris filters. 500psi & 1000psi High stages circulate as balanced or underbalanced as the job scope requires. Accurate monitoring of pressures, gas metering, and fluid return rates. 400bbl storage vessels for sand blowdowns operating fully sour service without needing to shut down to clean tanks until the job is complete.

Frac Flowback

We provide Frac Support packages that can be rigged up pre-frac, or as needed for the flowback of individual frac stages or screen-outs. When rigged up pre-frac, we have the ability to flowback a screen-out within minutes of shut in, ensuring shut in pressure is utilized to flow the sand back and flush the well bore. We can also safely and efficiently rig up equipment after a screen out, minimizing the costly down time of a Frac spread.

DeSanding Units

We provide highly efficient 10,000psi Cyclonic Sand Separators alongside 100bbl or 400bbl sour service blowdown vessels for sand storage. Excellent for sand control during production flowback on multi-well pads eliminating wear and tear on production facilities.


Flowback Rental          

Line Restraints

We offer the installation and rental of line restraints for Flowback and pump iron. 2” 10,000-15,000psi and 3” 10,000psi packages currently available. Our line restraints are visually inspected and pull tested annually, ensuring our clients have the peace of mind that comes with using the highest quality product. Our trained installers are safe and efficient with the aim of minimizing potential downtime.


We provide the delivery, setup and daily rental of dual layer 50’ x 12’ 55bbl fluid containments. Well suited for frac tanks, Flowback Separators and DeSanding units. Specialty sizes available. Each unit is thoroughly washed and inspected after each use, before being sent back into the field clean and ready for service.

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Our oilfield equipment inventory is unmatched.

Equipment yards stocked with top-of-the-line equipment necessary for all elements of well testing and flowback services.


Highest Safety Rating

Company-wide commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for employees, equipment, and the environment.


Our Team

Highly skilled operators who deliver, setup, and operate equipment efficiently to minimize downtime on site. Areas of expertise include flowback, flow watch, air support, air monitoring, and more.



We are honest, fair, and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with customers and fellow employees.


Health, Safety and Environmental

Company-wide commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for employees, equipment, and the environment.

About us

Syndicate Energy Services, LLC is a flowback and production testing company based out of Watford City, North Dakota.

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